Soundproofing of Jacuzzis

Today, more and more people have tasted the countless benefits of the Jacuzzi spa and are investing in purchasing a home spa. If you too want to invest, watch out for decibels when buying your hot tub. Indeed, it should be noted that a spa can be very noisy even if you are not using it. With their motors and air and water nozzles, Jacuzzis generate vibrations and noise (up to 90 dB).

How can you drastically reduce the noise from your hot tub?

As a reminder, spas generate vibrations and noise. First of all, before you think about sound insulation, you should be very careful when purchasing your spa by checking and comparing the decibels of the spa. Ideally, your jacuzzi should not exceed 40 to 45 dB in operation. To do this, check the thickness of the shell and its components. These not only ensure reliability, but also a crucial role in your sound insulation.

Note that the noise scale ranges from 0 dB (threshold of hearing) to 130 dB (threshold of pain). Nothing is more unpleasant in a moment of relaxation than a noisy spa. The decibel generated by your running pumps can also be a source of conflict with your neighborhood. So be sure to compare the dB of your jacuzzi spa before making a final purchase.

If you have a noisy spa, you can isolate the airborne noise with a protective wall along the bathroom walls, for example. You can also put durable elastic support bearings under your hot tub.

The ideal is to buy a quality used hot tubs for sale. Thus, you will not need to add any other additional sound insulation components. Choose quality, homogeneous material with lasting elasticity without sagging effect.

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